Wisconsin & Southern Railroad celebrates 100th Anniversary of the Roundhouse in Janesville, WI.  The roundhouse originally built in 1905 by the Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad (became known as Milwaukee Road).  Has seen steam engines, early diesels from Fairbanks-Morse, EMD, GE.  Later the roundhouse was the base for the Wisconsin & Calumet RR (WICT).  With WICT more early diesels were seen at the roundhouse including the odd looking BL-2's.  The WICT was short lived and then became the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad with its brightly painted locomotives.  The roundhouse is still in use as a locomotive repair facility as it was used in 1905. 

A big THANK YOU to the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad.  Mr Bill Gardner President of the WSOR and the employees present on Saturday July 9, 2005 put on a "class act".  The roundhouse was open for people to look around at what goes on in an engine repair facility.  Also on display in the yard were several locomotives.  Including E-8 #10-A which could be toured.  Also the WSOR Operation Lifesaver locomotive.  Also #4025, specially painted for the 25th Anniverwary of the WSOR which is also 2005.  A special guest present for the celebration was the Soo Line #1003 2-8-2 steam engine.  The #1003 was under steam and occasionally would trade places with #4025 on the turntable. 

Wisconsin & Southern Railroad
Celebrate 100th Anniversary of Janesville Roundhouse

To Find out about the 25th Anniversary Celebration for the Wisconsin and Southern Railroad on July 23.  Click on 25th Anniversary

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Sign Announcing the Event
View of the yard area front of the roundhouse
WSOR #4025 on the turntable
WSOR #10-A on display

The "Stars" of the show #1003 and #4025

Soo Line #1003 on display
Soo #1003 backs off the turntable
Soo #1003 on the turntable
WSOR shows off its proud of its heritage

WSOR #4025 25th Anniversary SD40-2

WSOR #4025 25th Anniversary Unit
WSOR #2053 Operation Lifesaver Unit

Sand Tower and WSOR Road Power

WSOR Locos inside the Roundhouse
WSOR #2052 gets some work done
WSOR #4009/#4005 sit at Milton Jct.  #4009 is also a special locomotive on the WSOR Roster

The above memorial is on the side of the WSOR #4009 in memory of the Lucy Gardner late wife of Bill Gardner President of the WSOR 

WSOR #2052

All Photos above were taken by Keith Schmidt Copyright 2005

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