In June 2006 Milwaukee Road #261 came home to Milwaukee to run several excursions out of Milwaukee.  I had the chance to ride one of these trips and railfan the rest.  It was great to see the big Northern in Milwaukee.  All of the trips were SOLD OUT.  A BIG THANKS to all of the people that made these trips possible and everyone that bought tickets to make the trip a success. 

Milwaukee Road #261
Homecoming June 2006

Along the Mississippi River 6 miles south of Wabasha, MN

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Along the Mississippi River in Minnesota
About to enter the bridge over the Mississippi River eastbound
Eastbound around Fort McCoy in Wisconsin
Don't Take his Photo Location - Camp Douglas, Wisconsin
Easing through the S-curve at Grand Ave in Milwaukee near Miller Park
Passing an eastbound CP train at Cut-Off in Milwaukee at 35th Street
Reflecting on Itself, 261 sits near the Amtrak Station in Milwaukee on June 22, 2006
Cab Shot of 261
Cab Shot of 261
The Heart of the Beast - The fire in the firebox of #261
Topping off the tender with coal for the next trips out of Milwaukee, Friday June 23, 2006
New Style Coaling Tower - Topping off the tender of #261
Washing down the cars before the evening "Dinner Train" at Milwaukee Amtrak Station
The "Super Dome" freshly painted and on its first trip behind #261 since it was repainted. 
#261 passes on the inside of a freight train which blocked alot of people's view of the steam train at Waterford Ave Friday June 23, 2006 on Milwaukee's south side.
Skytop Observation Car - Cedar Rapids eases around the wye at Sturtevant, WI and onto the Racine & Southwestern mainline
#261 sits in the setting sun on Racine & Southwestern mainline behind the depot at Sturtevant, WI
Northbound at Lake/College Ave in Milwaukee with Friday evening Dinner Train June 23, 2006
Westbound at Brookfield Depot on Saturday June 24, 2005

#261 westbound from the Hwy 146 overpass west of Columbus

#261 is eased onto the south leg of the wye at New Lisbon, WI on Saturday June 24, 2006
Cedar Rapids eases around the north leg of the wye at New Lisbon, WI
#261 sits on the wye at New Lisbon, WI waiting to back onto the mainline

#261 accelerates as it departs New Lisbon, now eastbound

Passing what appears to be an old depot in Rio, WI #261 is headed eastbound

Southbound at Waterford Ave on Saturday June 24,  the train is headed for Sturtevant to be turned on the wye. 
Westbound on Sunday June 25, 2006 #261 accelerates out of Milwaukee. Taken along State Street west of Hawley Road

Picking up speed quickly #261 is just west of Wisconsin Dells at Hwy O. The train had been waiting for Amtrak #8

Now Eastbound #261 is at Neshota, WI Just before this the Amtrak Diesel had been shut down due to problems.
Backlit smoke and steam highlight #261 as it slows coming into Milwaukee,  taken along State Street in Wauwatosa. 
My Dad on the train taking pictures of his family taking pictures of him.  Wauwatosa, WI 
#261 about to exit the Amtrak Station/Post Office in Milwaukee.

#261 sticks out the east end of the depot in Milwaukee so that the depot and post office don't get smoked out. 

The crew tends to the #261, checking the firebox and dumping ash accumulated during the trip
Southbound at Waterford Ave on Sunday June 25, 2006 #261 makes a final run to Sturtevant to turn the train for the return on Tuesday to Minneapolis, MN 

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All Photos above were taken by Keith Schmidt Copyright 2006

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