Milwaukee Road #261

The Milwaukee Road #261 is a 4-8-4 Northern.  It was classified as an S-3 by the Milwaukee Road.  These were some of the last steam engines purchased by the Milwaukee Road.  The Milwaukee Road #261 was restored by Northstar Rail, a for profit organization that operates the steam engine on excursions in cooperation with the "Friends of the 261".  The locomotive is on a lease from the National Railway Museum in Green Bay, WI. 
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Fall Color Excursion -  Oct 4-5, 2003 Minneapolis, MN to La Crescent, MN and return   NEW !!  01-02-2005
All of the below trips were part of the Grand Excursion 2004.  The Grand Excursion included #261 and several Mississippi River boats. 
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NEW Click for Sound from the "Doubleheader" and #261 using all 3 Whistles in Bellvue
Steamin' to the Twin Ports - May 21-22, 2005 Minneapolis/St Paul, MN to Duluth, MN and Return  UPDATE 06-04-2005
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ADDED 07-01-2006 Milwaukee Road #261 - Comes Home to Milwaukee
Features Excursions from Milwaukee to Sturtevant, WI and Milwaukee to Wis Dells and New Lisbon, WI 

Fall Color Excursion October 2006 - Milwaukee Road #261 pulls an Excursion train from Minneapolis, MN to LaCrescent, MN and return on the CP mainline along the Mississippi River in fall colors     ADDED 10-19-2006

JUST ADDED   06-17-2007 - Steaming North to Duluth - June 2-3, 2007 Milwaukee Road #261 pulled a steam passenger excursion from Minneapolis, MN to Duluth, MN and return. 
NEW -2816 & 261 Doublehead Trip Sept 2007 - NEW 09-22-2007
JUST ADDED - Milwaukee Road #261 Photographers Special.  This Photo Special was produced by Pete Lerro Productions and was run on the Twin Cities & Western Railroad on former Milwaukee Road tracks.   It included a Night Photo Session and numerous runbys with freight and passenger cars.  The special ran May 9-11, 2008   NEW June 2008
JUST ADDED !!  Milwaukee #261 Movie Special Run - #261 was invited to be a part of the filming of the movie "Public Enemies" at Chicago Union Station in May 2008.  This required a special run from Minneapolis to Chicago and return in mid-May.    NEW June 2008  NOW AVAILABLE